Sophie’s Birth Story- The 'most amazing' experience

Updated: Jul 11

I had my little boy in February 2021. After a horrendous experience with my first baby in 2015, I was determined for this birth to be positive and one I could share to put others at ease.

I had practised hypnobirthing at home, as we were in another lockdown and couldn’t access face to face classes I took part in a few hypnobirthing seminars and listened to podcasts. I wasn’t even sure if it was something that would work when the time came, how wrong I was!!

I went into labour at home at 9:30pm, I used all the breathing techniques I had learnt to stay at home as long as I could. I went to hospital at 6am after the pain became quite intense. I continued to breathe my way through it, literally, I had no gas and air and no epidural, something I know you don’t get awards for however after my first birth and taking anything they offered, I was so proud of myself for.

I had a water birth and gave birth in the water at 10:59am I can hand on heart say it was the most amazing experience of my life. I was constantly in my own head the whole time, telling myself it was ‘mind over matter’ and get through one and I’m a step closer to having the baby.

I went home the same day and I love love love telling people about my birth story because I think it’s so important to spread positive stories. I just wish my first experience had been like my second.

Jude, 7lbs 2oz

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