Serena's Birth Story- Water birth to 90's pop playlist

I took the Hypnobirthing course with Briony back in January. I was eager to get a head start as I’d not had the most positive experience with my first and was still suffering with flash backs about the birth when I was made to birth lay on my back with a hormone drip that made contractions extremely painful and non stop, an episiotomy, ventouse birth and months of physical healing.

My first birth was during peak Covid regulations which affected the support I was allowed. I wasn’t allowed my Husband with me until I was 7cm dilated, he had to wear a mask so I couldn’t see his face, visitation after the birth was 1hr a day and he’d also not been allowed to scans or appointments. So this pregnancy was like starting from fresh rule wise.

The course was amazing and I especially loved the birth partner day which me and my Husband found really helpful for him to be able to understand how to advocate for me this time around. June 1st, 3 weeks before my due date, contractions started at 4.30am. They got stronger until we decided to leave for hospital at 8am. By the time we arrived at the hospital my contractions had spaced out and weren’t as strong, which I knew was a probability from what I’d learnt in the course, so we went for a walk until things sped up again.

We were back at the birth centre by 12. The midwives all commented on how relaxed I seemed. I was able to get through the surges with my breathing techniques and even joke in between them. I actually felt amazing! My contractions were mainly giving me back ache so my Husband applied pressure during surges. By 2pm I was in the birth pool with my eyes closed and focusing on my breathing with a 90s pop playlist on.

As time went on and my waters hadn’t broken I started to worry I was in for a long labour again and felt like I couldn’t do it but not so long after I had 2 big surges and my body did the pushing for me. It was an unstoppable thing, I never had to actively decide to push. Baby Bonnie was born at 4.24pm with “Murder on the dance floor” playing. I lifted her up from the bottom of the pool and cuddled her until her cord went white and my Husband Ben was able to cut the cord. We opted for a cute lady bug cord tie over the chunky plastic clips the hospital use.

Me and Bonnie were both checked over after being left to have bonding time for a few hours. Bonnie was healthy and weighed in at 7lb 6 and I was surprised to find out I didn’t need any stitches. We all went home that same day after 6hrs of monitoring. After my first birth I never thought I’d say it but It was honestly the perfect day out and I’m so thankful to Briony for all her knowledge she shared in the course that enabled us to go in to the day so relaxed.

Bonnie, 7lbs 6oz

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