Sammie’s Birth Story- Quick Hypnobirth

Updated: Jul 25

I had my gorgeous boy on the 17th July 2021 after what I would say was a pretty great pregnancy. No symptoms or anything, if it wasn’t for my growing belly nearer the end of my pregnancy I’d say I didn’t even know I was pregnant. With that in mind I thought things can’t be going this good I think my birth will be horrific.

My mum found Briony on Instagram and thought it would be a good thing to try and to meet some other mums at the same time. I was so nervous about going I nearly turned around when I got to the class. I am so glad that I didn’t.

I woke up around 2am on Saturday 17th July and went to the toilet and thought my water may have broken there was no ‘gush’ just like a constant wee so I called Burnley general and they asked me to come in to check me over and then I could either go home or stay until further developments.

When me and Lewis arrived the midwife asked if I was having contractions, which at the time I wasn’t sure as all I’d ever been told is that they are the worst pain you’ve ever felt and I wasn’t feeling anything but a mild case of ‘period cramp feeling’.

They examined me at around 5.30am and told me I was 7cm dilated and they could put me in the birth suite in the water if I wished. So I agreed. I was so nervous at this point I couldn’t stop being sick. I actually remember the midwife said to me ‘a sick baby is a quick baby’.

When I got into the bath it was around 6.30am and it eased my back pain and felt so good to just sit and relax (well for a short while anyway) I then started to feel tightness in my stomach at this point is where I used my breathing techniques and they helped me so much. I didn’t need to have any pain relief and I was so proud of myself and just remember the midwife saying to me that she could tell that I had done hypnobirthing at how calm I was and good at my breathing.

After a couple hours in the water I wanted to get out and try a few more birthing positions, they let me choose what was comfiest for me at the time.

After what I thought had been a lifetime of pushing at 10.10am my beautiful boy and best friend was born weighing 8lbs 2oz, I have never felt love like it in my entire life, a few very scary minutes went by, as they were trying to untangle the umbilical cord from all around his body and pat his back as he wasn’t breathing due to all the mucus stuck there, I finally had my baby in my arms.

The warmth I felt from his body just made me burst into tears of happiness and it was a very long day of just crying happy tears.

I had second degree tears so after being stitched up we were transferred to another room where we stayed over night. I was so happy in my little family bubble and couldn’t stop staring at him all night.

Overall I had only what I can explain as an amazing birth. With all the horror stories I’d been told in the past I prepared for the worst but just remembering everything I was taught at my hypnobirthing classes was enough to get me though the best day of my life.

I will be forever grateful for everything I learned and recommend anybody to go. I think even if I was to have another baby I would definitely use this again.

Ralph, 8lbs 2oz

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