Rachael’s Birth Story- Edith’s Bathmat Entrance

Updated: Jul 11

I had my second baby in September 2021, 40+6, at home, and it was wonderful!!

My first baby was a 'Post dates' induction, at 42 weeks, the entire process lasted 48hrs and although I tried to use hypnobirthing techniques (with a book and app) my body wanted to push at 4cm, I'd accepted every drug going, and finally an epidural, which was absolutely the right decision for me, and my labour however it wasn't the homebirth/waterbirth I really wanted.

I decided to treat my second pregnancy as a completely new experience, and decided to do a proper hypnobirthing course, Briony was an incredible teacher, funny, relatable and so completely empowering that I was so excited for labour and the chance to do it all again! I planned for a homebirth again, hired a birth pool for at home, but also packed a birthing bag just in case I decided I wanted to transfer into the hospital.

One Saturday morning I woke up with some spotting so attended the hospital. After a CTG and Speculum, everything was absolutely perfect so I went home to see if anything would happen.

11.30 - sat down at my desk, reached forward to get some scissors and felt a strange popping sensation at the top of my bump, had a few seconds to wonder what it was before I was running to the toilet with absolutely no doubt that my waters had just broken! shouted down to my husband about what had happened but reassured him that nothing else was going to happening anytime soon. 

I called the Birth Centre to inform them, and the midwife asked if I was okay to wait a bit before someone came to check me as they were quite busy that morning.

12.30 - my husband and I considered putting the birth pool up but felt it might get in the way for the rest of the day, and id only had one slight cramp so far, the midwife called back to say she'd pop in to check on me about

13.00, and we called my MIL to let her know she might be needed at some point for childcare but there was no rush

13.30 - after a couple more very mild cramps and lots of waters leaking, I decided to get into the bath so at least I didn't have to keep rushing to the loo.  I told my husband that since nothing was really happening, he might as well take our toddler to his swimming lesson, and I continued to relax in the bath and overthink about if I could feel cramps or if I was imagining them!

15.00 - Midwife arrived, checked on baby and we had a chat about how things were going, after getting out of the bath I'd had 3 or 4 slightly more intense/noticeable lower abdomen cramps so we discussed examination and agreed to see how I was progressing that way.

15.30 - I was 2cm dilated, and quite happy with how I was coping, I jumped back in the bath to see if it helped ease the cramps again whilst the midwife sat on the landing to look through my notes, and to write up about her visit.

16.00- Husband called to say he was on his way back, I let him know that the Midwife was here at the moment, but that there was no rush and I'd see him soon, was having a few lower abdominal cramps now and was using the breathing techniques to focus myself and relax

16.05 - started to feel some pressure and urges to push, and started to get upset as I felt I was pushing too soon, and didn't want to progress like my first.  started telling myself that it was okay to want an epidural, and I just needed to keep breathing through the cramps until my husband got home and then he could drive me to the hospital

16.10 - Very intense contraction, long and lots of pressure ( there may have been some mooing alongside my breath counting!), Midwife suggested I get out of the bath (too shallow and not warm enough to deliver in) just in case, although I was adamant it was too soon and apologised profusely for not stopping myself from pushing.  as soon as I stood up there was a sudden feeling of descent, I knelt on the bathmat and delivered my baby in two slow controlled pushes in absolute amazement that she was actually there! I sat on the floor with my baby and tried to direct the midwife to where in the house all the home birth equipment was (we really were not expecting a baby that day!)

16.17 - Husband and toddler arrived home, and were told to come upstairs and meet the new baby!! we tied the babies cord tie, moved to my bed and Husband and Midwife tidied up whilst i sat in bed eating toast with my Toddler, and taking in every detail of my perfect baby girl, Edith.

Everyone was gone by 17.30, and we were able to relax in our own home with just our little family, eating our takeaway! my husband may have missed the actual birth, but I still describe this as the most perfect, healing birth experience!!!

Edith, 7lbs 12oz

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