Lauren’s Birth Story- IVF & Informed birth

Shelby Rose Schofield

Baby Girl weighing 7lb 0oz

Born Friday 11th February 2022 at 02.44 AM.

Born at 38 + 5 gestation, with an expected due date of 20th February 2022

Born in the birth center at Burnley.

Our journey to become pregnant took 5 years and resulted in IVF. It was very difficult and a long process with lots of ups and downs we managed to conceive our baby girl on the 3rd egg transplant, after the 1st one ended in miscarriage and the 2nd transfer didn’t work. It was a very difficult process but absolutely worth it.

My pregnancy was fairly normal and we had no complications. However being pregnant is hard work and very tiring. I started hypnobirthing at around 24 weeks as I wanted to make sure I was as informed as I could be about my pregnancy and what was to come. I was expecting birth to be long and painful as well as to be full of unnecessary things going on.

Even though my pregnancy was very normal, it was not treated as that due to being IVF. We had growth scans booked in from 12 weeks even though there were no signs or decreased/increased growth. These caused unnecessary stress in the pregnancy as they were not needed, and ended up having at 7lb baby after being told she would be too big 🙃🙃

On the Thursday night, we went into the hospital as I had had some spotting so went to make sure everything was okay. We arrived at the hospital at around 7pm and by half past my waters had gone.

Contractions began very quickly and it only took and hour or so for them to be a minute or less apart. Contractions were intense but we went into the ward where I ran a bath and stayed in there till around half 12. Once I got out at half 12 I felt the contractions change and I was then rushed to the birth suite as I was in active labour and ready to push.

Pushing out my baby was hard as she became stuck and we ended up with an assisted ventouse delivery as well as an episiotomy that became a 3rd degree tear. I gave birth with no pain relief. My labor was very fast and quite intense and I am glad that I had my husband and mum as my birth partners.

Labor was not what I expected at all, but due to the hypnobirthing I did with Briony, I felt happy making the decisions through my labor as I was informed and had done research about what could have and what did happen during my labour. This made the whole experience, although traumatic, a positive labour.

I delivered my placenta with the injection, as I was very worn out after being up from 5AM on the Thursday as I was still at work

The umbilical cord was cut after about 30 seconds as they wanted to check her over as her heartbeat dropped due to getting stuck.

After such a hard journey to get our baby, I was so ecstatic and glad she was here and healthy, I was just overwhelmed with love.

The hypnobirthing really helped with the whole process of my birth and I feel like even though everyone else has said my birth was traumatic, I felt happy and completely fine with it because I understood what was going on due to the hypnobirthing and I was in control of those decisions.

Overall, my birth was great, even though very quick, and my baby arrived healthy and I couldn’t be happier.

Shelby Rose Schofield, 7lb 0oz

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