Justine’s Birth Story- Beautiful birth of William

So I didn’t have the best pregnancy suffering with hyperemesis throughout and really wanted a ‘good’ birth.

This was my first baby and I didn’t know what to expect I’d read a hypnobirthing book which I do feel gave me an insight into what to expect and what my body needed but that was the depth of my knowledge going into the birth.

The Birth

I went to the toilet at 6pm and thought my waters had gone, no gush just a trickle so was really unsure as I was not experiencing any pain, I rang the hospital who advised me to go in and check as I hadn’t had any contractions. I attended at 8pm and before she even had chance to check I was stood in a puddle and she confirmed my waters had broken. She sent me home and booked an induction 24 hours later if labour didn’t progress.

So we returned home and at around 22.30 the contractions started, they were on top of each other from the start roughly every 30-60seconds lasting roughly 30 seconds it was intense but manageable and my husband actually fell asleep during this time which still makes me laugh today.

I managed this at home until 1am when we attended the hospital, on examination I was 5cm dilated and in active labour.

I really wanted a water birth so they filled the pool for me and I can honestly say I feel the water really helped me manage the pain I continued with contractions whilst using gas and air and focusing on my breathing (my contractions remained at the same pace from start to finish just intensified).

I had the urge to push around 4.30am and on examination his head was visible I was pushing for 20mins and at 5am exactly my little boy was born in the water.

Following the birth however I suffered a large blood loss and required medical intervention to stop the bleeding. Although this was scary at the time the hospital staff were incredible with both myself and my husband throughout and I still describe my birth as a ‘beautiful’ experience because despite what happened afterwards I had a lovely labour just allowing my body to do what it was made to do and that for me was a truly magical experience.

William, 9lbs

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