Jessica’s Birth Story- Christmassy water birth

Updated: Jul 25

Our precious daughter Paloma came into this world to Christmas songs on 1st December.

11 days ‘overdue’ we were soooooo excited to finally meet her!

My contractions had started earlier in the day but just felt like waves of back ache and I didn’t actually know they were contractions so I was still going about my usual business and had gone to visit a friend.

By the time I got home at 4 o’clock I sat on the birthing ball to try and relieve the pain and doorbell rung with a delivery of her pram which had been delayed a couple of times - the irony that she had waited for her chariot to be delivered was not lost!

My back ache seemed to be getting more powerful and I suddenly realised they may be contractions… before I knew it I was leant over the kitchen counter swaying and breathing my way through so calm and excited to finally meet our baby girl (whilst my partner frantically ran round packing himself a bag - something I’d been asking him to do for weeks!)

7pm arrived and my timings all seemed right so we headed to the birthing centre. I was checked and I was 6cm, which the midwife was pleasantly surprised at given how calm and chatty I was. She had already read through my birth preferences and the birthing pool was being set up for us.

We moved to the suite and I remember crying at how perfect the room was - dimly lit with calming lights going up the wall, the birthing pool, my labour snacks and water bottle laid out at the ready and a speaker playing Christmas songs - it was all I had envisioned and more.

The birthing pool was amazing and designed in a way where it was perfect for me to move into different positions as my body needed me to. I had gas and air which was great for helping me to concentrate on my breathing. The atmosphere was very tranquil and I even managed to compliment the midwife on her perfume.

An hour or so in, my contractions seemed to stop for a little bit and I needed to rest my head on the side - I knew from my hypnobirthing research that this was my body composing itself and giving me a little rest for what was to come next.

The next lot of surges came with an intense amount of pressure and I felt my waters go with a pop and then began to feel the urge to push. 14 wonderful minutes and a few pushes (I did push - I couldn’t wait to meet her - I’m going to allow my body to do the work next time - the stitches weren’t great!) later at 10.05pm our beautiful (9lb!) baby girl arrived and I scooped her up into my arms from the water and sat back in the pool and held her to my chest for the next hour and it was the most natural, empowering most perfect feeling of my entire life!

The hypnobirthing course with Briony was so informative and my positive affirmations for the labour definitely allowed me to manifest my dream birth.

The course led me to doing my own lot of reading and research and I was able to trust my body completely, feeling every stage and turn of labour and being able to embrace it rather then fear it.

Paloma, 9lbs

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