Bekki’s Birth Story- Precipitous Hospital Reception Birth

I've had 4 babies and not one of those hospital births went smoothly. My 3rd was probably the best and I gave birth in the reception of the hospital.

Jacob was my 3rd baby and I had no contractions at all through the night just a sore back. I slept on the floor because I wasn't comfy.

I woke up and made the kids breakfast, and at 9:10am had told my husband that I was just going for a wee…as I sat down I realised baby’s head was crowning!

The motion of me sitting on the toilet then meant my waters broke and the pain started. I had a history of bleeding heavily and so I screamed for the hubby while on all fours at the top of the stairs (he was getting a foot rub by our eldest at that point and didn't believe me).

Hubby called an ambulance and he stayed behind to get the other kids taken care of and then planned to get a taxi to the hospital.

The paramedics wheeled me through the reception and I tried to get off the stretcher 🤣🤣 adamant I wasn't in labour.

And there I birthed my 8lbs 1oz son while holding a paramedics hand, with about 30 unplanned birthing partners 🤣🤣🤣 I was in so much shock.

My husband was too because the midwives hadn't told him (and he had my phone so I couldn't contact him) so when he walked into my room and saw Jacob on my chest we both cried.

He was in the military and had missed it again. The midwife gave us an amazing tour of the placenta and my husband asked to touch it. It really was amazing.

Jacob, 8lbs 1oz born at 9.58am

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