Our Happy Baby Classes



Sensory classes are a whole new world of sensory fun and adventure. Our classes encourage baby to explore different shapes, colours and textures, sing and play with musical instruments and immerse themselves in themes such as “at the beach” and “rainbow week”! Each week brings a new and exciting theme and the chance to strengthen baby’s motor skills, language development and social interaction. Our sensory classes provide the opportunity for baby to actively use their senses to explore the world around them, helping to support their cognitive development.


Baby Yoga

Happy Baby Yoga classes encourage you to breathe, stretch and relax with your baby. Our classes help mum with healing and regaining strength after birth as well as bringing balance to mind and body. There are endless benefits for babies including improved circulation, balance, co-ordination and digestion as well as strengthened muscles and joints. Happy Baby Yoga can help ease fussy and colicky babies and is a fun and beautiful way to bond with baby whilst taking some time to nourish your (sometimes tired!) soul.


Baby Massage

A baby’s sense of touch is the most developed sense at birth and through it you can communicate love, security and trust. At baby massage we focus on teaching you a variety of gentle strokes to use with your baby which have been shown to help both you and baby relax. Baby massage is a fantastic way to help your baby to feel nurtured and loved, whilst also deepening your connection with your baby. Massage has also been shown to help soothe your baby's tummy troubles, reducing trapped wind and it may also help to improve their sleep. You can even show the strokes to your partner at home, as it is a great way to help them feel involved and to bond with baby.


Messy Play

Messy play is a baby and toddler class suitable for babies aged 6 months+ who are confident sitters up to preschool age children. There are 6 messy play stations open for free play which are designed to stimulate all the senses and help your little one to experience lots of new sensations, whilst making lots of messy fun in the process! We recommend that you bring along clothes you don't mind getting messy and clean clothes to change into. You bring the baby... we bring the mess!



Happy Baby Hypnobirthing is a 5 week course that combines hypnobirthing, breath techniques and yoga practise to educate you on labour and birth and prepare yourself in both mind and body. Our hypnobirthing course is not only a chance to meet other expectant mums but also to completely relax with guided meditations and relaxation. Hypnobirthing aims to give you a positive mindset and the tools you need for an empowering labour and birth, and this is exactly what we do at Happy Baby Studio.
1:1 Classes or 2:1 classes (with your birth partner) are also available so please get in touch to find out more.